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The "Nova Knizhna Fabrika" EOOD recruits and supports the development of highly motivated and well educated professional employees.

The production sector is staffed by a team of 34. One of them is a university graduate, with a specialization in metallurgy (University of Chemistry and Technology), 17 operate the paper machine, 5 – the roller device and the cutter, 2   are engaged with the sorting process and there are 6 operators in the preparation sector. The RMC center (РМЦ ?, Бел. Прев.) is operated by a team of 6, one of whom is a machine engineer having a technical school education with a specialization in mechanical instrument building and additional training as a fine machines specialist. In addition to the obligatory high-school education, all remaining workers possess supplementary qualifications. The boiler station is run be a group of three – boiler operators and a stoker.

In executing the high tasks placed before the management of "Nova Knizhna Fabrika" EOOD, we currently train four students from the specialty of "Cellulose and paper" at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy.

We invest in our personnel by ensuring the necessary conditions for development and professional realization.

In addition, for its officers and workers "Nova Knizhna Fabrika" EOOD offers communal accommodation located on the territory of the factory.

Should you decide to become one of our team, please consider the free jobs we have to offer.

If you conform to the requirements please send us you CV to the following e-mail address:

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