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1. History

            On the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria KF "Iskar" is one of the oldest paper factories still in operation. Back in 1937 it was built as one of the most modern facilities of its day.  During the years it has generated writing and printing paper, cellulose and timber mass; 45-50 gr/sq.m  flimsy; mittelfein 60 gr. sq. m consisting of 60-65% paper waste and 25-30% cellulose (sulphite, non-bleached).

            The factory produces a wide range of specialized products like copy and heliographic paper, wallpaper, special paper for passports and coupons, watermarked paper, natron paper for bags, cable paper, superior for packaging, asphalt paper, etc.  

            After it nationalization, the facility was the most modern of its kind in the country and during the socialist days it was developed as the leading company in the branch. At KF "Iskar" high quality paper is being produced to this day.

            To stay in line with the comtemporary economic requirements, the KF "Iskar" paper factory now produces various kinds of packaging paper and fluting via the recycling of waste paper and corrugated fiberboard.

            2. A new beginning

            As of April 2013 the KF "Iskar" paper factory is run by a new team of managers controlling the "Nova Knizhna Fabrika" EOOD company. The major task of the new management is to repair and modernize the paper machine and on the basis of the extensive experience from the past to turn KF "Iskar" into a 21st century enterprise. And all the preconditions for success are there. One of the main advantages of the paper machine is its ability to produce small series of paper of varying weight. This is due to the fact that as a difference from the larger paper machines, being smaller, this machine can be readjusted easily and quickly

            Fluting, for example, is produced within the range of 90 gr/sq. m., to 175 gr/sq. m.  Packaging paper, on the other hand, comes in weights between 60 gr/ sq. m., and 80 gr/sq. m.

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